Dr. Chris Luttrell

Dr. Luttrell is a Tasmanian born General Practitioner, practising in Launceston for over 25 years. He specialises in asthma management and allergies, with a vast knowledge of hayfever, food allergies and eczema. Dr. Luttrell can advise you on immunotherapy (desensitisation) if this is an appropriate treatment for you. To make an appointment with Dr. Luttrell regarding your allergy or asthma, please contact our surgery.
For many years, Dr Luttrell has been an examiner for Tasmanian University medical students, an Australian Maritime & Safety Authority Medical Examiner and an accreditation surveyor assessing other GP practices around the state.

Dr. Michael Smallwood

Dr. Smallwood has a wealth of experience over many years, in emergency medicine, general surgery and as a General Practitioner in South Australia and Victoria.  He has a special interest in minor procedures, emergencies and men’s “under the bonnet” health.  Dr. Smallwood also works as an anaesthetist in Launceston and is regularly rostered as a retrieval anaesthetist in emergency situations transferring patients to emergency hospitals.

Dr. Judith Watson

Dr. Watson is an experienced Launceston GP having worked in the Launceston community for many years. She has a particular interest in womens health including: menopause, sexual health (e.g. contraception, pap smears and sexually transmitted diseases) and menstrual disorders, in youth and children’s health and minor procedures. In her spare time, Dr Watson is the Chairperson of Tasmanian Medicare Local and enjoys teaching medical students.

Dr. Philip Cassidy

Dr. Cassidy has worked as a General Practitioner in the Launceston region for many years with a vast knowledge of the needs of the local community. He has a special interest in men’s health, general surgery, emergencies and minor procedures e.g. removal of lesions.

Dr. Catrina Leesong

Dr. Leesong joined the Tremaur team a number of years ago with an interest in womens health, youth health and paediatrics. She has previously practised in South Australia and Victoria. In her free time, Dr. Leesong also works at the Launceston General Hospital as an GP Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.

Dr. Sandra Aras

Dr. Aras joined us in 2014 with a special interest in paediatrics. She has been a qualified doctor for more than a decade and is currently a Registrar with us concentrating on General Practice.